At Indelible, our aim is to create your unique home. That means making sure all the details you want to live your life. We want to make sure you're fully involved every step of the way, so we make sure the final home is everything you dreamed of.

Our quality, you can see and sense
Indelible Homes has been building in New Zealand for more than 10 years, and had grown to become New Zealand's favourite home builders.

Why choosing a master builder is so important
Ask anyone who has been through a building project and they will tell you one of the biggest decisions of the whole project was choosing a builder. Second only to choosing the section, the right builder will, quite literally, make or break your build experience.

Bath or no bath?
Baths take up a lot of floor space and they do add to the cost of a bathroom.
A bath gives your main bathroom both style and functionality.

Ask your builder to review your site(before your purchase it)
Have you found the location of your dreams? Before you sign up for the land we strongly recommend you get a builder to have a look at the site and get their opinion.

Our pricing, fixed price contract
If you want a home that is unique to you, your lifestyle, site and budget - then our Design and Build package might be the perfect fit for you. Each client gets detailed drawings to accompany the transparent price

Choosing a builder is important
Choosing your builder is quite possibly the most important decision you will make. They will be with you for the entire journey, you do need to feel comfortable with them and you will put an enormous amount of trust in them, and you want to have a positive working relationship with your building team.

Kitchen Splashback the hight light for your kitchen
Get to know a little more about our customers experience working with the Indelible team.
“ It was an absolute pleasure working with you to build our dream home.”

Show home vist
How to figure out what matters most to you

Lots of mordern houses got a pantry
Many new build homes have a walk-in pantry, they come in many different sizes and styles. A butler's pantry features are

Showers, just imaging the feeling
Ideally your shower enclosure should be a minimum of 1- 1.5m square, which allows room to enjoy showering without feeling cramped.You don't want it to knock against a vanity or toilet, and you need room to get in and out of the shower safely. If you choose to have an open shower, with no enclosure, consider how you will protect the rest of the bathroom from water spray.

Roofing is very important
- The most popular roofing material in New Zealand.

Smart home, our show home is smart home excellent
Smart Home technology
Smart home technology like light, movement, temperature, power consumption, humidity, UV and vibration can help a home to become more efficient.Simple ‘smart' technology like motion sensors are a practical inclusion in spaces like a scullery or walk-in wardrobe.

Subdivide, getting more popular
Indelible will manage the whole subdivision process from start to finish, we have the experience to bring your project to life. We will also sort out any necessary consents.

What are the main questions do i need to ask my builder
At Indelible Homes, we would love to answer your questons to cover all your concerns and aspects. Building a home you want to have a positive working relationship with your building team and there are a few things you need to check before you start:

The most frequently asked questions

No, Indelible Homes can also work on any existing plans, or we can work with you to come up with a suitable plan.

Which flooring is best for which part of your home
Darker colours can make a room appear smaller, whereas lighter colours can create a sense of spaciousness

Unitary plan, new opportunities
Unitary Plan
The Unitary Plan is opening up more possibilities for housing, and works for more and more people.

Why more benefits of building new
Why more benefits of building new
This is an important thing to consider, the benefit of a new home are:

Celebration of your new house
Moving Day
At Indelible Homes, On completion of your new home we will perform a quality-control check and arrange the final council inspection if required. We'll also get your home fully cleaned before you move in, and then we can hand you the keys and celebrate your new home.

This is the exciting part - The build
The first stage of construction is to prepare the site,the diggers will prepare the platform in the ground. At this time, we need to complete the retaining walls and let the soil and fill settle.

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