We built a similar three levels house for a couple three years ago in Papakura,they sold it at the top price. They're building their second one with our Indelible team now.

Flat bush beauty - our latest design & build for our customers.
The build quality of new homes with a new building and material technologies ensure you can count on a healthy home for many years to come.

The owner of this house believes entrance is the power of first impressions, so we offered many intelligent, creative and beautiful Indelible entrance design collections which our customers like the most to the lovely couple. We also turned their add on feature into something that's workable and cost-effective.

This 7 bedrooms, double kitchens with pantry and granny potential downstairs house has ticked all the boxes. The beautiful home has been designed with modern living in mind, the kitchen is beautifully crafted with incredible functions and the latest technologies. The owner really enjoyed the stress-free convenience with our highly experienced, qualified team. We believe good kitchen design goes to the heart of how your kitchen fits you, your family and home.

We are building more than 5 houses along Francesco street in Karaka at the moment, and every owner of those houses has their own unique style to create their bathroom. We offered them a range of our on-trend materials and designs with rocked warranties to suit their unique tastes, No matter toilets,showers or taps, baths and vanities, everything just works together.

Modern and stylish, these 4 -bedrooms terraced homes are ideal for stress-free 'lock up and leave' living. For those busy professional vendors, we will help to make their bedroom space a relaxing, comfortable haven, so they can escape in the evening for some peace and quiet space. Thoughtful design with secure private courtyard is convenient for young professionals.

Two-Bedroom- Apartment Mangere Functional open plan lounge-we made lounge creativity for those apartments very comfortable by paying attention to details, such as materials and the choice of colours. People will feel the most relaxed atmosphere when arriving home.

Stylish and secure, these 3-bedroom terraced homes are ideal for busy young professionals. Thoughtful design with own private courtyard. These homes offer modern and easy living for a family.

Built to serve the outdoorsy lifestyle of a family. Our Indelible good deck ideas have turned owner's lacklustre outdoor area into an alfresco entertaining space that can accommodate a range of purpose and functions.

This good community centre encourages and often initiates programmes that involve local residents as a way to bring them together. We are proud to take care of the project from the beginning to the end.

To experience the quality of an Indelible home, you really need to step into our show home. That's
where you'll feel our care and consideration when we build - the beautiful lighting and floors, the top
quality fittings, and all those little things you always wanted that make a home more livable.

Visit Indelible Showhome and experience our combined leading master workmanship, architectural
design, and the latest smart home technologies to get your wonderful home journey started.

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