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Smart home technology like light, movement, temperature, power consumption, humidity, UV and vibration can help a home to become more efficient.Simple ‘smart' technology like motion sensors are a practical inclusion in spaces like a scullery or walk-in wardrobe.

When connected with your smartphone, your entrance lighting, heat pump, and background music can be all turned on just right before you arrive home. They are as practical or as fun as you like.

The technology such as physical or vision impairment, integration with tools like voice control is becoming more affordable, but can make a real difference to daily lives.

Both industry and homeowners are realising the value of the more easily installed and affordable wireless and Bluetooth technology due to its ease of installation.

The best way is to decide your electrical, data and smart tech home requirements early in the building process.

Installing solar panels significantly reduces monthly electricity bills and dependence on the power grid. Solar doesn't release harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) emission.

License Plate Recognition camera at the garage door will pick up the number plate of a vehicle approaching/leaving the house and if that matches the list preconfigured in the system, the garage door will open/close automatically. We can also set up a blacklist so any number plate within this list appears the system will send a notification to owner's mobile instantly.

Integrated with a CCTV system, it works as an extra security camera so the footage is recorded on the NVR. Once the door station button is pressed, both indoor monitor and owner's mobile will show the notification. Two way communication can be established from both in the house or the other side of the world.

Apart from the normal security alarm system, it is linked with Fib Home Centre so it can trigger the “Alarm Mode”(Pre-configured). Not only giving the family member the ability to arm/disarm the alarm from their mobile, but also alert them when attention is needed. Once the alarm goes off, the “Alarm Mode” will be switched on. In this scenario, all the lights in the house will be switched off, LED strip will flash red and blue, the outdoor siren will ring after.

with the alarm stop ringing, the LED strip will become white for a further 1 minute. This can be configured totally according to the owner's prospection.

All the light in the open area in both downstairs and upstairs are controlled by normal wall switches as well as the home automation system. That means family members are enjoying multiple ways to interact with those gears. It can be switch on/off from mobile app and smart speakers such as Google Home/Amazon Echo. Groups are created including different devices, for example “Kitchen” including bar light and kitchen light and “Upstairs” including “Dining Room”, “Living Room” and “House” means everything.

Not only that, but each home automation module can set up its own schedules, such as turning on the stair lights 8pm to 12am, 7 days a week, or turn of the “living room” group after a certain period of time. It can also be triggered by sunrise/sunset, according to the weather forecast function built in the home automation system.

Apart from light switches, we have a robot vacuum cleaner to keep out house clean and neat. A Chromecast linked with the user's Google account will respond to voice command and play the right content on the living room TV.

"We were heading home in the middle of winter after a long day and pulled into our driveway. The gate automatically opened and at the same time, the lights in our garage turned on. We walked on the warm heated floor while our favourite song starts playing. We love our smart home technology, solar energy and the security cameras. I have recommended Indelible Homes to many of my friends!! Thanks, Team!! We wish Indelible every success!!"

--Zamiur Rahmanl (Karaka)

We've won a silver award of the Registered Master Builder House of The Year 2020;

Recognised as a competition of quality for those looking to build;

Excellence in Workmanship, Creativity and Innovation;

The competition is highly regarded by both the industry and potential customers;

These awards are highly prestigious and confirm the Registered Master Builders Association's commitment to building excellence;

Represents an extremely high standard of building.

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