House & land package
All the hard work has been done for you.

House and land packages are created when a company such as Indelible Homes secures land from a developer or property owner, and matches the land with a home design that makes the most out of the location. Then the company will work with the buyer for the section to build their personalized home including the consent process and the building process.

The truth is that first home buyers can buy a brand-new house and land package
with a lower deposit than you would for a pre-existing house at the same price.
The team at Indelible Homes can assist with the arrangement of mortgage finance up to 95%,
and there are no hidden costs for our fully inclusive fixed price packages

New home buyers can start their mortgage payments until the house is built while enjoying the capital value increase on the property from the day that builders walk on to the site.

House & Land Packages bring together a block of land and a home design that perfectly match that section for a fixed price. It's an easy, secure way to buy a new home, with no hidden costs or blowouts to your budget.That's a home that is built to modern building standards. It's well-insulated, dry and warm and all the electrics are new – that means lower electricity bills, healthier homes and healthier families.

• New homes offer great value for money and there are no hidden costs. When you move in there are no other costs to plan for • You can spend your money on your home, not on due diligence • House and land package new builds can obtain finance for less deposit than the 20% typically required of first home buyers or the 40% from property investors. The team at Indelible Homes can assist with your building process from beginning to end, and there are no hidden costs for our fully inclusive fixed price packages

Second-hand houses you'll have to pay for things break, leak or flood. Indelible Homes House and Land packages offer the best guarantees and warranties, plus you get your very own design and build process.

Every Indelible Homes customer receives one-on-one time to personalise their new home, our professional team would love to help, and we can come to see you even after hours.

House and Land packages are often close access to public transport and are conveniently located close to amenities, schools, and green spaces and parks.

The build quality of new homes with a new building and material technologies ensure you can count on a health home for many years to come.

How long will it take for my house to be ready for moving day?

You can expect your house to be ready anywhere from 20 weeks post the concrete slab going down (also depending on the size and complexity of the house ).

What other factors can affect the timeframe to finish the house?

This will depend on many things such as the section, consents, titles on the land and access.

What will I need to do to move in?

At Indelible Homes we are committed to making your design and build journey as stress free and satisfied. Our After Sales Services along with the Master Build 10 Year Guarantee gives you the best protection that your new home quality remains our focus even after you move in. Building a home takes time so you want to have a positive working relationship with your building team.

There are many advantages to build from scratch rather than choose from existing houses. At Indelible Homes, we'll bring your unique ideas to your life and your quality home. Step into our show home to experience our most inspirational home ideas including smart home ideas and the quality to help you get started.

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